Features Available under various level

Property Corrections allowed under ARO
1. Change of New Ward (Allowed only once) (Available for JC also)
2. Change PID/Katha/Survey no
a. Form 1 <-> Form 2 <-> Form 3
b. Correction of PIDs (Blank and ā€˜Nā€™ Cases) (Only 2016-2017 assessment year)
3. Name Change
a. Name and Address change (Form 2 and Form 3 properties only)
b. Katha / Survey No. (Same form type)
4. Form V
a. Property Changes for Old Block Period Only (Prior to 2016 Block Period)
6. PID Change
a. PID wrongly mapped with application (2008 & 2016 Block Periods)
7. New Property Creation
a. Form 1,2,3 and 6 (2008 & 2016 Block Period)
8. Property Tax Corrections
a. Form 6 (Exemption Properties to Other forms and Vice Versa)
9. Zonal Classifications and Corrections
a. Wrongly declared in 2016-2017 assessment year (Before payment of 2017-2018 allowed)
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